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Your objective is our objective! – pass your driving test with our professional instructors here at Learn To Perfect Driving School Margate

driving-school-margate-vehicleWe provide techniques on how to drive defensively with all our lessons here at Learn To Perfect, one of the best driving schools Margate. I say that with confidence as my student’s and their parents provide kind Driving School reviews on Facebook and Google Reviews for me. We provide cars for students for Automatic and manual driving lessons. All cars are dual controlled vehicles.

Hi, my name is Noel Lawson and own and operate Learn To Perfect Driving School. My team of drivers and I provide automatic driving lessons and manual driving lessons in Margate and surrounding areas for you or your children coming of age. We provide the following:

  • Many years of driving instructor experience around Margate
  • Members of the IndependentSandgate Driving Instructor Guild (IDIG), which is an organized body consisting of professional driving instructors.
  • Proud to be a Platinum Instructor with the Keys 2 Drive programme.
  • All blue card holders.
  • We focus on deep learning and safety with techniques on how to drive defensively.

Driving Lesson Costs Margate

We have separate prices from one hour lessons through to 10 hour packages

All out prices are published here

You may purchase a single 1 hour lesson, or a 90 minute lesson.

Alternatively, you can purchase packages of lessons from 2 hours up to 10 hours.

You can even book a solid 4 hour lesson to build up your hours. Please note that the 4 hour lesson is recommended for those that can drive. We do main roads, back streets, city, motorway highway, mountain and dirt roads, as well as manoeuvres.

Here at Learn To Perfect Driving School we also provide a Driving School Margate Test Package that will best prepare you for your driving test.

The driving school test package for Margate includes a 90 minute pre-test, using our car for the test and Pick up and drop from home, school or work.

All out prices are published here.

100 Hour Log Book for All Learner Drivers

Before you begin your driving test, you will need to complete 100 (one hundred) hours supervised driving, each hour logged and signed off by your supervising driver.

Your supervising driver can be anyone (responsible enough) that has held an open license for more than 12 months.

AND – you will need to include 10 (ten) hours of night driving.

That’s a lot, but it’s well worth it as the experience you will gain is invaluable to your safety when you drive away solo for the first time.
We love to chat, so call or use the form to send us an message with any query or question you might have 🙂

Automatic or Manual Driving License

Manual license learner Margate driving lessonsAs your Driving School Margate of choice we provide both automatic and manual driving lessons. A manual license holder comes with its advantages!​​ Learning to drive a MANUAL provides you with additional skills in vehicle control allowing you to better understand your vehicle. Many workplaces require MANUAL license holders.

Naturally, a manual license holder can drive an automatic vehicle with ease, noting that an automatic license holder can only ever drive vehicles with an automatic transmission.

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