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These are some of the reviews I have received recently, thank you to everyone of you.

Learn to Perfect Driving School


3 months ago
Noel is the most amazing instructor, highly recommend him I passed with my manual licence first go. He is very kind and has a great sense of humour, I was very comfortable driving with him. Thank you so much for everything Noel!

Trixie Garland

a year ago
From a parent point of view. Noel was always on time, very friendly and personable. Great car to learn in and has recently updated. From my daughters point of view, both my girls find Noel very down to earth, easy to understand and communicate with. Noel is a very passive person and calm, with direct instructions. My daughters were always keen for their lessons, which is a great sign. And…… First daughter had her final lesson with Noel today, then her driving test and she got her P licence. Thank you to Noel for being awesome. Keep up the good work.

Tamara Dinsmore

a year ago
Highly recommend!! Passed my manual driving test first time. Noel is a wonderful teacher who makes you feel comfortable and confident. I always looked forward to our lessons! He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Thank you!

Rebecca O'Sullivan

8 months ago
Noel is a great instructor, he put the boys at ease and both enjoyed learning from Noel. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a caring instructor.
Response from the owner8 months ago

Thanks Rebecca, it was my pleasure teaching the boys,

Gabrielle Moody

a year ago
Out of all the driving instructors I had, Noel was by far the best. He was very calming, down to earth, and an outstanding conversationalist. Noel helped me progress throughout my learners by instilling me with knowledge of various skills and practical development which allowed me to pass my provisional licence on the first try. I also found that by having our conversations in the car, I was able to focus on driving and maintaining the conversation in a relaxed manner which assisted me in driving with the radio on or speaking to other passengers when Noel wasn’t present. I will forever be grateful that I was able to have such a fantastic and amazing person to instruct me during this crucial time in my life.

Swati Arora

a year ago
I had a great experience learning to drive with Noel (Learn to Perfect). He is absolutely lovely to train with and gives you a few tips and tricks that help you ‘perfect’ your driving skills. He is very patient and his quirky side makes the …More

Em Poulier

11 months ago
Noel is an incredible driving instructor who has a great deal of knowledge and advice to give you a strong foundation for driving. Would highly recommend

Daniel Lablack

a year ago
Noel was a great instructor. He clearly has a lot of experience and has a fantastic approach to teaching. I definitely appreciated that he didn’t go too easy on me through the lessons because it paid off. In the end I was much better prepared for getting out on the road, and when the test came up it seemed a breeze!


a year ago
Would 200% recommend these guys if you’re learning to drive! I had the best instructor, Noel, who helped and prepared me for driving. He gave taught me safety on the road along with everything else I needed to be aware of. Yesterday I got …More

Anthony Staniszewski

a year ago
If you want to learn not just how to pass your test but how to be a good, safe and considerate driver talk to Noel.
I was a nervous driver but Noel was patient, good humoured and knew his stuff. …
Response from the ownera year ago

Thanks Anthony, it was my pleasure showing you the the joys of driving. enjoy it for many years.

Mitch Fry

11 months ago
Noel is a great guy and easy to talk to, makes you feel comfortable in the car and is a fantastic instructor.

William Liebke

2 years ago
Have to recommend Noel to anyone looking for a good driving instructor. He is a very calm instructor and clearly knows very well what he is doing. He went far beyond the call of duty helping me pass my driving test and I absolutely thank him for it
Response from the owner2 years ago

Thanks William, it was a pleasure passing on my experience to you, stay safe out there as your skills get better and better.

Lisa McGregor

a year ago
Noel is an excellent instructor. He’s patient, kind, and puts you at ease all while making you a great driver. I’d recommend him to anyone! Thanks for helping me pass my test!

Kaitlin Dunk

2 years ago
Noel is an experienced driving instructor with thorough knowledge of the road rules and the patience to improve your driving skills. He significantly helped to transform my confidence from when I first started driving, giving me …More

Alison Wanneck

a year ago
Great guy with the patience of a saint and the confidence and expertise to teach and handle any teenager. My son got his license first try and Noel was always a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Noel!

RoHan Solo

2 years ago
Noel is an excellent instructor and it was an absolute pleasure being trained by him. He was very encouraging and patient during lessons and took the time to explain the way to drive safely and correctly. I was thrilled to have passed the driving test on the first attempt. Would highly recommend his service!

Ashley Johnson

2 years ago
A true hero, I am a semi experienced driver yet Noel Lawson was a great instructor. Not only did he thoroughly help me perfect my faults but he was a great mentor on driving in general. If more people put the dedication into his teaching …More

Bethany van Hameren

2 years ago
Noel is a fantastic instructor, he taught my sister, my now husband and a couple of cousins (so far!). He knows what and how to teach you and gives very practical lessons and advice. I highly recommend his services.

safinah kalifulla

a year ago
Thank you so much Noel for helping me throughout this driving journey and helping me calm down before the test and believing in me. I dont think i would have made it on the 1st test, if its not for ur guidance! …More

Daniel Atkinson

2 years ago
Had a few lessons with Noel and of those lessons, he really does help you and tries to make you perfect driving. Got my licence thanks to Noel! I’d highly recommend him as a driving instructor.

Helena Doran

2 years ago
Great service! Taught me everything I needed, not only to drive safely but to pass my test. This enabled me to pass first time and be confident driving by myself

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Lata Silari

 · 4 February 2018

Noel is such an amazing instructor with saint like patience all the time. I would have given up the dream of driving if I haven’t met Noel 3 months ago. Now after having some lessons with him I got my See more

Lynnie Mac

 · 2 February 2018

Great work got our twin girls to the stage where we were happy to take over ! Excellent and patient

Julia van Hameren

 · 1 December 2017

I wouldn’t have my licence without Noel’s guidance 7 years ago. He is patient and clear in his instructions and directions and always kept his cool. Look no further for a quality driving instructor.

Debbie Blackwood

 · 18 January 2018

As always Noel is a patient and amazing instructor