How to Get MY Learner Driving License

Acquiring your driving license can seem like a big up hill climb, but you will get to the top with help and guidance.

The first thing to find out is what you need to do, and this article explains all those steps and takes away all the mystery.

Step 1: When you turn 16 years of age, you can apply for your learner license. click on this link here for the application of your learner driving license

Step 2: You must pass a written test about the road rules before you can get your learners license. Click on this link here for the road rules for your written test

Step 3: Practice your Test! – lick on this link that will allow you to practice the test online

Learner Log Book

The learner log book is for you to keep a record of your driving hours as a learner. After you complete 100 hours as a learner you will then be eligible to sit your driving license exam.

When you receive your learner license, you will also receive your learner logboook. Click here for the learner license log book.
You can also use the learner logbook app to record your driving hours

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