Driving Lessons Costs

Best driving lessons costs are based on either single lessons or a group  of lessons purchased as a package. Single lessons are typically one hour or 90 minutes in duration. Packages range from 5 or 10 one  hour lessons.

We have separate prices from a single one hour lessons through to 10 hour packages

All out prices are published here

You may purchase a single 1 hour lesson, or a 90 minute lesson.

Alternatively, you can  purchase packages of lessons from 2 hours up to 10 hours.

You can even book a solid 4 hour lesson to build up your hours. Please note that the 4 hour lesson is recommended for those that can drive. We do main roads, back streets, city, motorway highway, mountain and dirt roads, as well as manoeuvres.

Here at Learn To Perfect Driving  School we also provide a Driving School Test Package that will best prepare you for your driving test.

The driving school test package includes a 90 minute pre-test, using our car for the test and Pick up and drop from home, school or work.

All out prices are published here

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We also offer the Free Keys 2 Drive Lesson