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Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons

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Manual and Automatic Instructors

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Pass your test first time with one of our Driving Lesson Packages combined with our very popular 'Test Package' which includes a 90 minute pre-test lesson, our car for the test and pick-up and drop from home, school or work. We know what you need to pass and we will get you there!

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Driving School Clayfield

Driving Lessons Costs

Best driving lessons costs are based on either single lessons or a group  of lessons purchased as a package. Single lessons are typically one hour or 90 minutes in duration. Packages range from 5 or 10 one  hour lessons.

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Manual license learner

Manual Driving Lessons

A manual license holder comes with its advantages!​​ Learning to drive a MANUAL provides you with additional skills in vehicle control allowing you to better understand your vehicle. Many workplaces require MANUAL license holders.

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Driving Lessons Brisbane

Driving Lessons Brisbane

THIS INCLUDES THE *KEYS 2 DRIVE LESSON which is funded by the federal government. To register for Keys 2 drive hit the link below NOTE:  Register at and your designated supervisor must attend the lesson.

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Your local Brisbane driving school with an advocacy to supportive and stress free driver training

"Our training style has proven to be adaptable in all situations with a provision of success at an affordable rate. We coach the development of skills and awareness required to execute all manoeuvres required of a Queensland licensed driver, who's number one priority is safety. In alignment with our focus on safety is our ability to recognise the best way to provide positive support to all of our students so that their experience is as enjoyable as it is gainful." -Noel Lawson

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Driving Lessons Customer Reviews

Have to recommend Noel to anyone looking for a good driving instructor. He is a very calm instructor and clearly knows very well what he is doing. He went far beyond the call of duty helping me pass my driving test and I absolutely thank him for it.
William L.

Excellent service and a patient driving instructor Noel, who talked me through all theory and practical parts of driving to help me pass my test. I had around 20 hours of lessons in total before i took the test. Great guy, very knowledgable and personable too. Highly recommended!
Nick B.

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